Talkin' bout those expensive, selfish photographers.

So, here's the thing... you've all seen the Facebook posts about how expensive photographers are and how all we do is take advantage of people with our prices - so I just wanted to share a little insight from a photographer's prespective. 

If a photographer charges $250 for an hour shoot - you probably think they actually make $250 an hour right?  Wrong.  The work which you see as a 1 hour assignment, is stretched far beyond that.  You have to calculate the time spent on all the e-mails to get you prepared for your session, the time to get to the location, the time shooting your session and the time it takes to edit your full gallery and deliver the images.  On average, post processing alone can easily take up a full day.

But there's more that goes into a photography business than just time.....

In order to provide the best images possible, they have to use the best gear possible.  I think if anyone knew how much money professional photographers spend on gear alone - it would probably blow their mind.  

Photography is constantly changing.  Photographers spend a lot of time and money on education to stay up to date and provide the best images possible for you. 

Apart from being the photographer, they have to be the CEO, production worker, marketing manager, driver, organizer, buyer and financial manager as well.  

Let's not forget about business insurance, gear insurance, taxes, daycare expenses, studio overhead, props or all other expenses such as website, e-mail, gallery sites, software, computers, back up hard drives, memory cards, etc. 

"They invest thousands of dollars in equipment, software, and props and spend countless hours learning how to produce beautiful images.  They don't get paid vacations or sick days. They don't get bonuses for outstanding performances or for holidays. They don't have insurance plans or any benefits and 35% of their profit goes straight to taxes."

Please understand we are not taking advantage of you.  Photographers are people who have a family and bills to pay just like you with a job that can be incredibly demanding as well.  Honestly, it's very rare a full time photographer works 40 hours per week. 

We love what we do and we love that we're able to make a living doing what we love, but also - time spent doing what we love is also time spent away from the people that we love.  My husband + children and their time with me is worth way more than a quick buck.  If I'm doing my job correctly - as a wife, mother and a photographer - then financially speaking, it has to be worth it as well. 

I hope this gave a little insight on why photographers charge what they charge.  In the end, it's all worth it - over and over again.  I'm grateful every. single. day that I get to do what I love as a living.  I've made connections with people that go beyond a business relationship and that means so much to me. 

Thanks for taking the time to read my rambling!

P.S. I'd like to apologize for all grammatical errors in this blog post... writing is not my strong point. :)

Alyssa Crawford