• The $50 retainer is nonrefundable in the event the Client cancels or changes the engagement. 

• If Alyssa Crawford Photography fails to appear at the place and time specified above, the retainer shall be refunded to the Client. 

• If Alyssa Crawford Photography voluntarily moves the session date due to circumstances beyond Alyssa Crawford Photography's control (ie illness, death, unavoidable weather events), and the client also agrees, the retainer remains nonrefundable but transferrable.

• The nonrefundable retainer will be transferable to a later date in the event circumstances occur beyond the client’s control (ie illness, death, unavoidable weather events). If client cancels a rescheduled session more than one (1) time, the retainer fee is then forfeited, nonrefundable and nontransferable at that time.

• Client understands that the retainer is due immediately upon booking to reserve the session date on Alyssa Crawford Photography’s calendar. Session is not on the calendar until such time that the deposit is paid via www.alyssacrawfordphotography.bigcartel.com

• The remaining amount of session fee is due at the session. If Client fails to pay session fee, Alyssa Crawford Photography reserves the right to release the date on the calendar, and the session will be cancelled. The retainer will be nonrefundable and nontransferable at that time.

• If client is more than 30 minutes late to session time schedule by Alyssa Crawford Photography, the client forfeits the retainer, and it becomes nonrefundable and nontransferable at that time.

• Alyssa Crawford Photography will provide client with the digital files via online gallery (www.pixieset.com) within three (3) weeks after session date. If Client has a personal preference on gallery delivery method, Client is to provide that preference to Photographer prior to the session date.

• Alyssa Crawford Photography is not held responsible for behavior of parties involved with the shoot, with the exception of studio personnel. If the desired outcome of your session is jeopardized by the behaviors of parties involved, including children and babies, Alyssa Crawford Photography cannot be held responsible.

• Alyssa Crawford Photography may capture many images during your session, but Client will see only those images carefully selected by the photographer in the gallery. Each finished image is carefully edited by the photographer to ensure maximum artistry and technical perfection. Images with eyes closed, heads turned, duplicates, etc. will not be shown. No unedited images will be released under any circumstance. Basic and necessary touch-ups will be performed at the discretion of the photographer.

• Alyssa Crawford Photography retains copyright to any and all photographs, and hereby grants the Client private printing rights only. The client is to not, under any circumstance, provide any images taken by Alyssa Crawford Photography for monetary gain, marketing, or commercial use.

• Model Release: The photographer reserves the right to use the images created under this contract for advertising, display, publication, or other purposes. Digital files and previews remain exclusive property of Alyssa Crawford Photography. 

• At such time that Alyssa Crawford Photography provides the Client with a digital gallery to download images, Alyssa Crawford Photography’s contractual obligation is fulfilled. Refunds are prohibited and reshoots will be at the discretion of Alyssa Crawford Photography only. Client accepts that images provided will be consistent with photographer’s work as displayed on Alyssa Crawford Photography website and social media. 

• Once you've received your gallery, you have 7 days to download. If you need your gallery re-uploaded, this will incur a $25 fee to do so. Your purchase of the images releases Alyssa Crawford Photography from an liability due to loss or damage of the images. It also release Alyssa Crawford Photography from any obligation to maintain copies of the images. It is in your best interest to back up the images (CD, USB, online, etc) at your own discretion. 

• Client understands and acknowledges that post-session sneak peeks posted to any social media outlet (including, but not limited to Facebook and Instagram) are a courtesy to Alyssa Crawford Photography clients. They are not to be reedited, cropped or printed in any way, shape or form. Instagram filters or any other smart phone editing applications are to not, under any circumstance, be placed over an Alyssa Crawford Photography social media sneak peek and reposted. There is absolutely NO editing to be done to the images unless done by Alyssa Crawford Photography as it would not depict an accurate representation of business. Furthermore, Client understands and acknowledges that sneak peeks to social media outlets are simply a courtesy and are not a cohesive representation of a session in its entirety. 

• Client reserves the right to refuse the use of any images of their likeness on social media outlets (including, but not limited to Facebook and Instagram). Client is to make Alyssa Crawford Photography aware of this request prior to the session date.

• Alyssa Crawford Photography reserves the right to refuse or cancel service at any time as such a Client/Photographer or potential Client/potential Photographer relationship is deemed irreconcilable.

• Photographer agrees to continue to carry appropriate and legally required business and liability insurance, as required by the State of South Dakota. The client shall assume all responsibility for their own safety and the safety of any other members of their party, including children and pets. The client and any person or animal accompanying the client releases Alyssa Crawford Photography from all claims and liabilities of any kind.

Within 2 weeks of your session, Alyssa Crawford Photography will e-mail you a link to your proofing gallery.  The images you will see in the proofing gallery will be UNEDITED images. Please do not upload the images anywhere as they do not depict an accurate representation of the final image. You will select the images you would like to be in your final gallery. If you would like to purchase additional images, you may do so - $25 per image or $100 for all the images in your proofing gallery. The proofing gallery will be available for 5 days to make your selection. After your selections have been made, please allow up to 10 days for your gallery to be completed.

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