Most baby/child sessions last anywhere from 45-60 minutes depending on your little one. 

I recommend bringing at least 2-3 outfits unless you plan on doing only naked baby setups.

Girls: tutus dresses, rompers, family heirloom outfits, etc.  
Boys: overalls, cute hats, bowties, suspenders, rolled blue jeans, vests, etc.     

I do have rompers and dresses available to use during the session. Please let me know ahead of time if you'd prefer to use my outfits so I can prepare sizes. 

I highly recommend no neon colors, logos or wording on shirts and no character shoes. If you're in studio, it's most likely kids
will be barefoot as it looks more natural.

For ages 3 months - 9 months: we can do a setup of naked baby (please understand nothing will be showing) or diaper/diaper cover baby. 

When it comes to props, I would keep it simple. I recommend bringing items your little one loves - example: their favorite stuffed animal, book, blanket or some old blocks. 

When doing sessions with little ones, please remember:

• to make sure they get a good nap before their session so they're not tired and irritated during the session. 
• to bring a sippy of water/juice (or bottle for babies), some favorite snacks in case they get hungry, extra diapers, wipes and pacifiers.